Aubrey Williams


Aubrey has been empowering families as a Doula since 2011.

As a military spouse, Aubrey has attended births all over the country and has supported a wide variety of birthing situations and locations.


Her 10 years of invaluable experience includes supporting active duty Military families in Missouri, North Carolina, Texas & Indiana and serving low/no income families through nonprofit Doula organizations in Missouri (The Doula Foundation) and Texas (San Antonio Birth Doulas).

Aubrey’s journey to become a doula began when she was pregnant in 2010. She began to really educate herself on all things relating to birth in order to prepare for the water-birth of her now 11 year old daughter. In doing so, a spark was ignited within her and she knew she had found her passion as a doula.


In 2011, she suffered a pulmonary embolism caused by the use of hormonal birth control. While recovering, she kick started her doula career to help women become well informed of their decisions before, during, and after pregnancy.


As a doula, her main goal is to help empower families to make informed decisions. No matter what a family envisions for the birth of their baby, Aubrey wants them to enter into parenthood feeling knowledgeable, supported, and

at peace with how the birth unfolded.




DONA International Birth Doula Training (2011)

DONA International Postpartum Doula Training (2012)

DONA International Birth Doula Certification (2013)

DONA International Birth Doula Recertification (2016)

DONA International Birth Doula Recertification (2019)

StillBirthday Bereavement Doula Training (2019)

StillBirthday Bereavement Doula Certification (2020)

The VBAC Link Advanced VBAC Doula Training (2020)

Birth Arts International Childbirth Educator Training (2020)

The VBAC Link Advanced VBAC Doula Certification (2021)

Birth Arts International Childbirth Educator Certification (2021)

VBAC Academy VBAC PRO Training & Certification (2021)