Birth Doula Services

Meet & Greet - A free consultation held at any time during your pregnancy. At that time, we will get to know each other and discuss your expectations, pregnancy, and birth plan.


Prenatal Visits - Prenatal visits will be made at your home or where you feel most comfortable. At that time, we will discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your birth plan, pregnancy, etc.


Comfort Measures Class - You can read more about the childbirth class I offer here.


Contact - I offer unlimited phone and e-mail support for your questions and concerns so you feel supported and informed, every step of the way.


Labor & Delivery - During your pregnancy and until you give birth, I will be on-call for you. We will be in direct contact once labor begins. (You can decide when you need my support in person.) I will be available for the duration of your labor until after your baby is born. I will make sure both you and your partner feel confident, encouraged, and prepared.


Photography - While I am NOT a professional photographer by any means, this is something I offer to all families. Likely you will be too busy loving on your sweet baby/babies to think about taking pictures of those first moments as a new family. All photos will be given to you (unedited) on a CD at your postpartum visit. These are your photos and you can do with them what you want. I do not save or post any of them without your permission.


Birth Timeline - During your labor, I will be taking notes when I can. I use all this info to compile a birth timeline for you to keep. You may not remember some of the things I am able to write down, so it is a simple keepsake to remind you of such a special day.


Postpartum Visit - Within a week after the birth of your baby, I will come visit you and your new family at your home. We can discuss the details of your birth and I will offer any breastfeeding support and advice. I will also provide additional resources that you may need so that you feel completely supported and confident as new parents.