In loving memory of

Kamry Ann Thompson

10/15/13 - 10/24/13


Becoming a doula was a very easy decision for me after the birth of my daughter in 2010. Being a military wife has blessed me with the opportunity to work with some amazing families through an organization called Operation: Special Delivery. I volunteered my services to pregnant military wives who wouldn’t have adequate support during labor, due to deployment. Looking back now, I realize that these families have all been a blessing to me in one way or another and I was meant to work with them for a reason.


Although I am a Christian, I had been struggling with my faith over the last few years. After moving back to my hometown in Missouri, I struggled with the decision to withdraw my volunteer status from Operation: Special Delivery, since I was 2 hours from the closest military base. God kept telling me not to change my volunteer status and I kept pushing away from him but he kept speaking to me. Finally, I gave up and left my volunteer status unchanged.


Not even a week later, I got an inquiry from Krista. She emailed me to tell me of her pregnancy and about the fact that her husband, Corey was set to deploy shortly and that she was interested in having a doula. It took me almost two weeks to finally reply to her email, but I reminded myself that the families I have worked with have all been for a reason, and I left at that.


I met Krista and Corey in April, when she was about 9 weeks pregnant. We discussed her pregnancy and swapped military stories. I comforted them by sharing my own story of how I had experienced deployment and pregnancy and how that led me to become a doula. But most of all, I reassured Corey that I would be there for Krista since this would be one of the only times he and I would meet before he deployed. I left that meeting with a sense of peace and I knew it was meant to be. Later that day, Krista messaged me and said “Just wanted to say thank you for coming over today and how much you put my husband and I at ease with your support and comforting words. We really feel like this will be a great fit and such a blessing.”


In July, Corey was able to come home from training for a few days. They were excited to find out the gender of their baby and have a gender reveal party with family and friends before Corey’s deployment started. Krista called me right after their anatomy scan. As soon as I answered and heard her voice, I knew something was wrong. I cried with Krista on the phone when she told me how the ultrasound tech had discovered some markers that led them to believe their daughter, Kamry had a genetic condition called Trisomy 13. I reminded her that I was here for her no matter what. After talking to Krista, I remember breaking down and asking God, “Why? How could you do this to them?”


Over the next few months, we stayed in close contact between emails, text, phone calls, appointments, and ultrasounds. I spent countless hours researching Trisomy 13, praying for Krista, Corey and Kamry, and asking God to help me be the best doula possible for this beautiful family. Through everything Krista and Corey maintained their faith and trust in God. They inspired me to become a better person and to never give up on God. Funny how God works in mysterious ways, huh?


In early September, I attended a Blessing Shower for Krista and Corey. It was a beautiful afternoon spent thanking God for Kamry and praying for her future.