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"My husband and I agree that hiring Aubrey as our doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy.  After having twins via c-section, I was hoping for a completely different experience when expecting my third.  After moving to TX from CO, I decided in my third trimester that I wanted to attempt an all natural birth and a friend suggested hiring a doula.  Aubrey was there to answer any question I had, always responding within a few minutes.  When it came time to deliver, my husband and I both had a sense of confidence about what we were about to experience that I don't believe we would have had without Aubrey being present.  Her support, positive attitude and reassurance got me through my labor and gave us the positive VBAC experience we were so hoping for!"

Danielle, mother of Beau

"I have only good things to say about Aubrey. She was available any time to answer questions and work with my husband and I to prepare for our son's birth. My husband has a busy schedule and we weren't able to attend any childbirth classes, but Aubrey gave us all the information we needed during meetings leading up to my due date. When I was in early labor, Aubrey was available by phone and text messages to continuously assure me that everything was going as normal and give me tips to get through those early stages. When I decided I needed her to come over, she was quickly on her way. Throughout my labor she was a calming presence and stepped in when appropriate to offer help and guidance. After our son was born, she was also in touch to make sure things were going well and offer breastfeeding support. I would definitely recommend her."

Sarah, mother of Teddy & US Army Wife

"Aubrey was a great doula! My husband missed the birth of our first child, so I knew he would need some support. I also wanted to try to give birth unmedicated, and I knew that having a doula would be important. When I went into labor, I texted with Aubrey. She headed to the hospital when I did, even though I had only started having contractions about an hour earlier. When she arrived, the nurses had me hooked up to the contraction monitor and were giving me fluids, thinking I was dehydrated because the contractions were close together. Aubrey kept telling them that my contractions were productive and the monitor wasn't in the right place, so they weren't giving me credit. She really gave me hope, because it felt like hard labor at that point. Things moved quickly and I was having contractions almost non-stop. Aubrey did amazing counter-pressure and talked calmly into my ear with encouraging and calming words. When I started feeling ready to push (and freaked out), she stayed calm. When my water sac was bulging, she got the nurses moving. After the baby was born, she took beautiful photos of baby's first moments that I'll cherish forever. She also did a nice follow-up visit. I would definitely recommend Aubrey!"

Beth, mother of Alice

"Aubrey was recommended by a friend/coworker who was using her as well. My husband and myself just moved to Texas and we had no family or knew what to expect when expecting as this is our first child. I felt completely comfortable with Aubrey and having medical issues myself she researched them to learn more about what I could be facing when it was time for labor. My labor started around 145 am after tracking contractions to be sure it was labor I called her, it was 230 am and she was at my house by 4. She talked to me, calmed my nerves and discussed what was next. She followed us to hospital and was there every step of the way. Although I had an epidural and wasn't able to walk or sit on a birth ball, she helped me get comfortable in the bed and massage my hips as they were hurting. Once it was time to push she was very encouraging throughout every push and directed me on what to do next. Once baby was here, she snapped some photos and stayed until I was cleaned up and baby was okay. She has checked in on me every day and is still encouraging me and offering help. I highly recommend Aubrey and I couldn't imagine labor without her!"

Sarah, mother of Mabel

"Aubrey was awesome during my entire pregnancy. She was always there to answer my questions and happy to help in anyway she could. She really shined and provided the most support once I was in labor and when we got to the birthing center. Her skills and training assisted with helping get my contractions more frequent and ready to head to the birthing center. She continued to... check up on me during the day to see how my progress was and gave me exercises to do. If it weren't for Aubrey, I think I would have been in labor a lot longer than 27 hours, and wouldn't have stayed focused and calm as well as I did. Aubrey was there to remind me to stay focused on my breathing to get through my contractions. There were several different positions that she told me to try while I was having contractions and they really helped. She also had me change the position I was in while pushing and that really helped moved things along and deliver my beautiful daughter. I had a wonderful experience with a natural birth and highly recommend Aubrey to anyone that is looking for a Doula. Both my husband and I were really impressed with Aubrey and were so happy that we found her- she's a true gem! She has gone above and beyond and wish that she was able to be our doula for our second child...whenever that may be You will not be disappointed if you chose Aubrey!"

Melanie, mother of Samantha & US Army Wife

"I am so so thankful for Aubrey. I'm not sure I would've gotten my natural water birth had it not been for her. I'm not sure many doula's would have sat behind their client in a birthing tub but I'm SO grateful she was willing to because she helped me so much! And thankfully she knew better than to wait like I said she could when we decided to head to the hospital (just shortly after she left our house) because my daughter was born less than an hour after arriving! I highly highly recommend Aubrey...she's an amazing doula, support system, person, and someone I know I will consider a lifelong friend as well."

Michelle, mother of Myah & USMC Wife

Jana, mother of Soleil

"Finding a doula was one of the best decisions I made for my pregnancy and I couldn't have found a better doula than Aubrey. Aubrey was awesome! From the very beginning, she helped give us information about birth and answered every question I had along the way. It was great having her there through the labor and birth not only for support but to help me and my husband to know what to expect and what was going on each step of the way especially since my birth didn't go as planned with having to be induced. She was super encouraging and positive the entire time! I'm so thankful to have had her through my pregnancy and birth of my sweet Soleil!"

"Having you as my doula significantly impacted my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period in such a positive way! All the information and extra time you spent with my husband and I during my pregnancy made me feel more prepared for my son's birth and feel empowered about my own choices. The reassurance and support you gave me and my husband during my labor was invaluable. I am very happy with how my son's birth went and, looking back on my 18 hours of un-medicated labor, there is no way I would have been able to have the birth I wanted without you there! The advice you have given me after my son's birth has also been so helpful. You have been so supportive and you went above and beyond to help me bring my son into the world. I can't thank you enough!"

Amanda, mother of Thomas & US Army Wife

"Aubrey was wonderful as our doula at the birth of our first baby.  Particularly because our experience at the hospital did not go exactly as planned.  It was beyond reassuring to have her there as a support for not only me, but my husband as well.  I lost track of the number of phone calls I made to her the first week of having our little one at home...she was a dream."

Ellie, mother of Selma & US Army Wife

"Thank you so much for being my doula at Bonnibelle's birth. You made Philip and I feel so comfortable and safe during the whole process. I definitely think you were a huge part of my labor and delivery being so easy and pleasant. We're all doing great still and fall more in love with her each day. Thank you!!!"

Jacquelyn, mother of Bonnibelle & US Army Wife

Krista, mother of Kamry & US Army Wife

"Aubrey was such an amazing support to our family through the entire pregnancy and delivery. We found out our daughter had several medical conditions. She helped us sort through all the information that was given from our high risk doctor. She went well beyond her duties to be there for us. At the delivery she knew exactly the things I needed and was such a blessing. I would highly recommend her!"

"As a guy who had no idea what was about to happen.... Get a Doula. It's your insurance card to make sure you are the best for your wife. Aubrey was fantastic and there is no way I could have made it with out her.

Bottom line.... Hire Aubrey you will not regret it. I didn't."

Corey, father of Kamry & US Army

"Having you as my doula was wonderful. Checking in so frequently, lending me books and your birth ball and being so supportive of what I wanted to do. Bringing me awesome snacks and giving me an amazing foot massage. And when I gave in, thank you for just sitting there until 4 in the morning listening to me just talk and talk. Chad told me later that he did feel left out at first, but he was so grateful when you suggested things for him to do. You made him feel so much more included than before and he was really glad that you worked with us. All of your breastfeeding support and the soothing techniques you came over and showed us have been so helpful. I feel like you go above and beyond compared to other doulas, not that I've worked with any, but the few I've heard talk mentioned the two weeks before and after birth and you just said you would be there for me anytime. And you were. Anytime I needed you and that is amazing. You are truly an awesome person and so giving! The pictures you took will be cherished forever. You captured the most amazing moment of my life and I can't look at them without crying. I wouldn't have those without you and couldn't possibly thank you enough for them. Thank you so much for everything."

Heather, mother of Zoelle

“Aubrey, we wanted to let you know once more how grateful and happy we were to have you as our Doula. You really know what you are doing and it made us feel confident in your work. You made us feel comfortable and relaxed around you. Your methods in the delivery room were very helpful all the way through labor. You helped us to keep an open mind and made me feel good about the decisions we made, never feeling judged. The gifts you brought us after the birth were so thoughtful. Only someone who knows us, as you now do, could have given us such fitting gifts. We hope ALL Doulas bond with they’re clients as well as we have with you. We are blessed to have had you there with us through it all. You were our “back up buddy.” Thanks for helping us bring our bundle of joy into our lives. You are thoughtful, kind, and you were everything we could have wished for.”

Jason & Kasey, parents of Jason Jr

Courtney, mother of Anna

"Aubrey was amazing. My husband was a truck driver and wasn't home for most of my first pregnancy. I would call Aubrey all the time and ask questions and she would always try to help. If she didn't know the answers she would try to find them and she always could calm me down. She was there for me whenever I needed her I'm so glad I could call her my doula."

"I had Aubrey as my Doula with my second daughter and she was great. I wasn't able to have the birth I wanted but with that being said she stood up for what I asked and provided information when needed. I would recommend her to a friend!"

Tori, mother of Nyrvannah

“Aubrey, I wanted to thank you for making my birthing experience so special. When you told me I wouldn’t remember the pain after I saw him, I couldn’t imagine how that could be true, but it was. I relive that first moment every day and it truly takes my breath away.Your support and encouragement and all the little things in between helped me so much through the toughest of it all. I know it was a long night for all of us but I just want you to know that you being there for us meant so much to me. Thank you for being there with me and mom as Gabriel entered the world. There aren’t enough words or thanks that I can express to you.Thank you for doing the work that you do. Your passion for this work shines through in all you do and I feel as if I was blessed to meet you and have the opportunity to share this experience with you. You are amazing and I am so glad you were my doula. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Sincerely thank you.”

Jessica, mother of Gabriel

“Aubrey was amazing. I contacted Aubrey for her doula services because my husband was in Afghanistan when I had my baby and I didn’t have any family near. She came and picked me up from home and took me to the hospital for delivery. I had back labor and she provided some pain-relieving pressure massages to my lower back. I wound up having a medication free delivery and she was a great comfort, reminding me of relaxation techniques. She was a calm presence, she knew where to take me, how to talk to the nurses, and she stayed with me until I was settled after the delivery. She took pictures and she held my hand during the worst parts. I was able to concentrate on just having the baby, because I knew she would take care of everything else. My delivery was normal but my baby was very sick, and we didn’t know she was until I had her. Aubrey handled it very well and remained calm, helping me to stay calm. She offered to drive me to the hospital that my baby had been transferred to and she followed up with me often to see that my baby was okay. Aubrey is kind, professional, and knowledgeable about having babies and all that comes with it. She’s a great choice for a doula, you won’t be disappointed.”

Erica, mother of Ree & US Army Wife

“Aubrey was a great source of support for me during a difficult pregnancy while my husband was deployed. It was amazing to have her kindness and support there for me. It was a privilege having here there with me at the birth of my daughter. She was wonderful and also provided us with very special pictures of our family. There is no way for me to thank her enough for everything she did. I highly recommend her services.”

Sarah, mother of Kendall & US Army Wife

“Aubrey was my doula for my first childbirth back in April and she was AWESOME. I had a pretty easy pregnancy until the end when my doctors started giving me grief. Aubrey was there to not only listen to me vent but gave me great advice and encouragement. She helped me write an awesome birth plan that I believe was VERY helpful for the hospital staff when the time came. She never questioned any of my decisions. She supported me in everything I wanted and gave advice when I asked. She came immediately after I made the call to her that my water broke. My husband was not able to be at the birth but, Aubrey did an amazing job of being there and helping me through not only physically but emotionally as well. With Aubrey’s help, I was able to have a natural birth just like I had envisioned.She even took some awesome pictures so my husband will be able to see. She visited me after my daughter was born to make sure baby and I were both doing well. She was GREAT all around :)”

Candace, mother of Lindley & US Army Wife

“I am so glad I found you and so grateful for the support you provided during the last weeks of my pregnancy and Logan’s birth. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thank you so much for being there for me, and for being a friend when I had no one! I’ll never forget you!!

Lane, mother of Logan & US Army Wife

“You were instrumental in the birth of my son, and there is no way to say thanks for that. Just know that there is one father out there who won’t make fun of the word Doula anymore! Thank you!”

Donnie, father of Logan & US Army

“I had my baby girl almost three weeks ago. Aubrey was there with be from the very beginning of labor-literally from the first contraction. Unfortunately I had to be induced due to some blood pressure issues. Thank goodness Aubrey was there to give me some backbone ; ] I was able to make it to the end with no IV medication and no epidural!! That was my main goal, besides having a healthy baby of course. There was no way I could have done it without her there to help me refocus when I started to panic a little… or a lot. I had back labor pretty much the entire time and she rubbed my back for what must have been hours with the best smelling lotion in the world. I felt constantly reassured and empowered by her. Even in the middle of my hardest contractions just knowing I had her there for me and hearing her say, “breathe” was a HUGE help and so reassuring.Also I want to say that she was not just there during the birth, but 24/7 during my entire pregnancy. Any questions I had about anything would be answered for me almost immediately by call text or email. Then after the birth we received even more love and support in the form of a printed and emailed birth story, pictures of the birth and a home visit! I bet if I needed anything today she would be on her way in an instant. Thats just the kind of person Aubrey is. So THANK YOU Aubrey!!! We both know there was no way my birth would have been so awesome without you! Again, I couldn’t have done it without you there for me.

Thank you so much for helping me have the birth I wanted!”

Melissa, mother of Averie & US Army Wife

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